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MyHenco, a business tool for installers, architects and engineers. For reliable & comforting connections.

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Learn more about Henco and the latest industry trends.

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Tailor made information, tools and offers.

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Why MyHenco?

MyHenco is a personalized business application to serve installers, building- and construction experts. A rich tool with constant updates to serve YOUR needs and boost YOUR success. Technical and commercial information, handy applications, technical tips, offers and much more. Register now to access your personal MyHenco-space.


Whatever you need to know about Henco products, services or solutions, you find it on the MyHenco platform. Detailed technical data, installation advice, products and solutions, digital services and contact persons. All information at your fingertips. Relevant, reliable and up-to-date data to increase efficiency.

Digital solution provider

Myhenco provides a digital solution to simplify your life with advanced product search, specific filters, online training and manuals. The platform will be regularly updated with new features including offer and calculation tools, an easy catalogue and more. We have the ultimate digital solution for you and your employees.

Your personal Henco ecosystem

MyHenco is personal and tailor made where you can set your preferences and area of expertise. MyHenco will provide you relevant information based on your profile. You’ll have easy access to reliable and relevant information. MyHenco offers you direct access to Henco and its specialists and especially YOUR Henco contact person.

Increase your company’s efficiency

Nothing more frustrating than a hopeless, time-consuming search for accurate information. Which is vital for your business. Don’t waste time searching for data. MyHenco offers easy, 24/7 access to all necessary digital assets, from construction site to the office. This increases efficiency of YOUR business. Because we care.

Join the MyHenco community

Register to the MyHenco community and get your personal access to a vast inventory of information. Whether you are looking for technical data, certificates, tip & tricks or solution based product categories, MyHenco offers you the data and the tools you need. With MyHenco you connect with specialists and you have direct access to tools, information and data to improve your business.

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